Театр Санкт-Петербург Опера

The Serbian Audience Awaits the Tour of the St. Petersburg Opera in Belgrade

The St. Petersburg Opera is distinguished by its long-standing friendship with the leading opera venues of Serbia – the National Theatre in Belgrade and Madlenianum Opera & Theatre. On the stage of the National Theatre in Belgrade, the troupe will present “Elektra” by R. Strauss (June 26), and a gala concert (June 27), as well as “Esmeralda” by A. Dargomyzhsky (June 28) will take place on the stage of Madlenianum Opera & Theatre. 

The tour of the St. Petersburg Opera is organized with the support of the Government of St. Petersburg and the Committee for Culture of St. Petersburg.

“Performances “Elektra” and “Esmeralda” are our two recent premieres, to which we are very sensitive. I am sure that “Esmeralda” will be a revelation for Serbia because it has become one for Russia. The work of the great Russian composer A. Dargomyzhsky turned out to be undeservedly forgotten. We restored it and showed to the local audience with great success. “Elektra” is played quite often in Europe, unlike in Russia. This is our most recent production. I hope that the Serbian public with whom we are in very close and friendly relations, will appreciate our visit, since the St. Petersburg Opera collective will present such a fresh production. Even not everyone in Russia has seen these performances yet,” said Artistic Director and Founder of the St. Petersburg Opera, People’s Artist of Russia Yuri Alexandrov. 

“For many years we have been touring in Serbia and showed performances to our friends, colleagues, and the local audience. Serbian spectators always welcome us warmly, with great interest and pleasure. Last year, in an unpredictable situation around the world, we came to Serbia to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory and gave 2 performances. Despite the fears, in compliance with the measures set by the local authorities, the audience came to the hall and enthusiastically greeted us and our artists, shared our feelings of gratitude and respect to all the people, thanks to whom the plague of fascism was defeated,” said director of the St. Petersburg Opera Evgenii Malygin. 

In addition to performances at the leading theatres of Belgrade, in the frameworks of the tour on June 28, a master class for students of the Faculty of Musical Arts of the University of Belgrade will be held at the Russkiy Dom in Belgrade. The case study on the opera “Eugene Onegin” by P. Tchaikovsky, which was chosen by the students themselves, and further analysis of the performance from the point of view of the concept and author's vision of Yuri Alexandrov will be conducted. During the master class, questions will be raised about modern requirements for opera vocalists and performing arts, current mise-en-scenes in opera performances will be considered. 

The administration of the St. Petersburg Opera expresses its gratitude to the Russkiy Dom in Belgrade, the National Theatre in Belgrade, Madlenianum Opera & Theatre and personally to the Councelor of Madlenianum Opera & Theatre Eduard Ille.