Театр Санкт-Петербург Опера

‘The St. Petersburg Opera' performing in Nice

'The St. Petersburg Chamber Opera' under the direction of People's Artist of Russia Yuri Alexandrov will be on tour in Nice (France) from October 8th until 10th. On October the 8th, on the stage of Opéra de Nice the troupe of the theatre will perform with R.Shchedrin’s opera “Not Only Love” will be presented to the public (conducted by Maxim Valkov), on October the 9th will be presented “Pagliacci” by R.Leoncavallo (conducted by Alexander Goikhman). The last performance of the tour will be on 10th of October. A concert of soloists of 'The St. Petersburg Opera' called Masterpieces of the World Opera Classics at Villa Valrose, which is one of the central locations of the musical life of the French Riviera. 

The following soloists of the 'St. Petersburg Opera' will take part in the tour: Valentina Fedenyova, Evgenia Kravchenko, Karolina Shapovalova, Natalya Pleshkova, Larisa Pominova, Natalya Kochubey, Vladislav Mazankin, Vsevolod Kalmykov, Denis Akhmetshin, Leonty Saliensky, Dmitry Udi, Yuri Borschev, Vladimir Tselebrovskiy, Anton Morozov, Efim Rastorguev. The accompanist is Olga Mityokina. 
'The St. Petersburg Opera' has very tight connection with the city of Nice, For nearly 20 years (two-thirds of the history of the theatre) the theatre has been located in the former mansion of Baron von Derwies, on Galernaya street. The mansion acquired its present appearance, including the opera stage, thanks to Sergey von Derwies. The first owner of the mansion, the privy councilor and chamberlain Sergey von Derwies set up the theatre in the house. He was a good pianist and even composed music; he was also a honorary member of the Moscow Conservatory Directorate. 
Earlier, his father, Pavel von Derwies who had made a huge fortune on railway concessions, acquired the Valrose estate in Nice in 1868 and built a castle and a church on its territory. Sergey von Derwies spent his childhood years at the Villa Valrose. Pavel von Derviz cherished and knew the music and conveyed love towards music to his son. In Nice, he assembled his own orchestra, numbering 65 musicians. Von Derwies had invited the best conductors and virtuosos all around the world. In this theatre for 300 seats he arranged performances worthy of the best opera halls in Europe. The collected funds were donated for charity. 
Recently, the University of Nice revived the musical tradition of Valrose and now organizes concerts in cooperation with Opéra de Nice. Since 1961, the University of Nice has moved in a former mansion. 
The former estate of von Derwies in Nice also serves the public interest and follows musical traditions, as well as their mansion in St. Petersburg. 
The current program of the tour of 'St. Petersburg Opera' on the French Riviera is devoted to the theme of love. The destructive love is pictured in 'Pagliacci' and creative love in ‘Not only love'. At the same time, the parallel presentation of the Italian classical opera and the Russian which has already become classic, too, emphasizes the need for unity of the Russian and European culture and mutual enrichment of each other.