Театр Санкт-Петербург Опера

Evening Serenade

The name of the concert was given by the composition of Franz Schubert 'Serenade', which is one of the most poetic in the composer’s heritage. Schubert was one of the first composers who touched the sunject of 'lyrical confession' and musical romantism itself. The beautiful 'kingdom of the spirit', the images of the world of dreams of romance were contrasted with the prose of life. German composer, master of musical psychological lyricism Robert Schumann said: ‘Mind is mistaken, feelings never'. 

The theme of nature which has become the object of worship, is very often intertwined with the theme of ‘lyric confession'. The musicians widely turned to the national folklore, more pricesely to folk songs, ballads, epic. Chamber vocal compositions by composers of different national schools will be announced in the concert program: Spanish (Manuel de Falla, Isaac Albienis), French (Georges Bizet, Claude Debussy, Henri Dupark, Gabriel Foret), Norwegian (Edvard Grieg), Czech (Antonin Dvorak) and other. The work of late romantic composer Richard Wagner is noteworthy, with his desire for a synthesis of the arts (which is reflected not only in his operatic works, but also in the chamber vocal compositions) and the previously unknown expressive intensity of passions. The inspired performance of the soloists of the theatre will give the audience a romantic mood and will deliver to the audience a magical and refined world of feelings to the connoisseurs of music.