Театр Санкт-Петербург Опера

Broadcast of the opera Young Guard

The St. Petersburg Opera joins celebration of a special date for our country – The Victory Day which is held on 9th of May. For the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War, the theatre organizes broadcast of the unique performance The Young Guard, created by Yuri Alexandrov and based on the opera of the same name by Julius Matus. Live broadcast to be available on the theater’s official YouTube channel - https://youtu.be/7GpxvdXLMcA, Beginning at 16:00.
This production is about love, a lyrical chronicle about those whose destinies were broken by the war, but also a performance-reflection, a frank conversation about the present.
The director of the play, the artistic director of the theatre and People’s Artist of Russia Yuri Alexandrov, shares his thoughts on the production: Our theatere continues its work on the topic of patriotic education. The performance is directed, first of all, to our youth, that young guard who will raise our country, to lead it out of a rather difficult situation in which it found itself. It is the young guard of our country that must decide its future. There is no future without a past. These historical pages, which are trying to “crumple” in the history of our lives, some have made attempts to rewrite the history… This theme is so important now. It is important for us to raise this layer and talk with young people who, for a variety of reasons, simply do not know history or know in a distorted way. It is important to get in touch with the viewer, in a frank conversation about the present.
This is a performance is about love, first of all. The war in our play remains aloof. War is a sword of Damocles hanging over young people. Next to you will be young artists of the St. Petersburg Opera Theatre - peers of the legendary young guards - those to whom this performance is dedicated, those who did not love it, did not experience the happiness of motherhood and, ultimately, gave away the most valuable thing that he had - my life, in the name of the Motherland and in the name of you, sitting in the hall.”