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Broadcast of the opera Les pêcheurs de perles

On April 19, the St. Petersburg Opera within the framework of the project #nointermission (Russian: #безантракта) presents G. Bizet’s opera Les pêcheurs de perles. The performance was shown on the stage of the Astana Opera on November 10, 2019 as part of a tour in Kazakhstan. The production will be available at the link - https://tv.fontanka.ru/ Beginnig at 16:30.
Bizet's early opera is a work with a difficult fate, and, unlike the often-performed famous Carmen, it rarely appears on the stage.
Les pêcheurs de perles was the first opera that was commissioned by the Parisian Lyric Theater to the young composer in the middle of XIX century. Bizet composed it swiftly - in just a few months. After the premiere, Hector Berlioz wrote that the score “contains many wonderful expressive moments full of fire and rich color”. However, during the composer's lifetime, the public received this production coolly, as well as other operas. An exception was not even the pearl of the classical repertoire - Carmen, the failure of which the 37-year-old composer could not survive.

The libretto of the Les pêcheurs de perles is based on the story of the love of the young man Nadir and the priestess Leila, on the path to whose happiness Zurga stands - the leader, chosen by the tribe of pearl hunters, and a longtime friend of Nadir. Yuri Alexandrov, together with the artist Vyacheslav Okunev turned the trivial story with the classic love triangle into an inspiring - beautiful story unfolding in a magical eastern country. Performed by soloists of the St. Petersburg Opera, Les pêcheurs de perles captivate with dramatic expressiveness, dreamy poetic beauty of musical fabric and oriental spiciness of sound.
«Les pêcheurs de perles is a beautiful tale for adults, in which there is a place of love, feat and self-sacrifice. I think that people of the twenty-first century need such stories. Our performance turned out to be very colorful and emotional. Even despite the tragic ending, in many countries where we brought him, the audience enthusiastically received the  this play and left the hall with a very positive attitude...», Yuri Alexandrov says.