Театр Санкт-Петербург Опера

The St. Petersburg Opera Theatre will open the new touring season in Greece

The international touring season of the theatre will begin in the new season in Greece. From September 20 to Setember 23, the troupe of the St. Petersburg Opera Theatre will perform for the first time in Thessaloniki, on the stage of the Theatre of the Society for Macedonian Studies, the National Theatre of Northern Greece. The collective will present Giuseppe Verdi's opera “Rigoletto” (conductor Maxim Valkov).
 “Rigoletto” produced by Yuri Alexandrov is the play that was a nominee for the Golden Mask Award. In the plot of this prouction the cliches that have developed over the centuries of theatrical life of one of Verdi's most popular operas are being destroyed. The motive of the mask, the sinister masquerade of life takes central role in the play.
Verdi considered the plot of “Rigoletto”, borrowed from the drama “Le roi s'amuse” (by V.Hugo), the best of all that he put to music. For the first time in the history of the genre, the hero of the opera is the jester, an embittered hypocrite. He ruthlessly avengers everyone who does not have a hump on his back.
The director offered the audience a new version of the psychological drama, according to which the jester is not a hunchback, but a sarcastic, intelligent, angry and not at all old man. The hump and mask are just a clownish guise that he wears only at the duke's court. However, moral ugliness cannot be thrown off like a mask. An extraordinary man, forced to endure constant humiliation, he is entertained by intrigue, willingly takes part in the dirty amusements of his master and his entourage. Fate punishes Rigoletto for cruelty, turning him into murderer of his own daughter Gilda.
The soloists of the St. Petersburg Opera Theatre take part in the play: Sergey Aleschenko, Vladislav Mazankin, Yuri Borschev, Vladimir Celebrovsky, Olesya Gordeeva, Evgenia Kravchenko, Karolina Shapovalova, Miroslav Molchanov, Andrei Zemskov, Gevorg Grigoryan, Natalya Vorobyova, Larisa Pominova, Natalya Kochubey, Victoria Martemyanova and others.