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Die Entführung aus dem Serail. Press Clipping

Theater "St. Petersburg Opera" at the end of the season presented the premiere of the production of Mozart's opera «Die Entführung aus dem Serail». The director of the play is the artistic director of the theater People's Artist of the Russian Federation Yury Alexandrov. 

One of Mozart's early operas is rarely being performed on the stage. The productions of Yuri Alexandrov always differ and they have a touch of unpredictability and bright theatrical performances. Moreover, the artists of the theater are young and fully involved into the working process. All this contributed to the success of the performance and aroused resonance both among spectators and in the media.
«Die Entführung aus dem Serail» is not very popular staging opera. Behind the apparent ease of the vaudeville comedy lies a difficult process of its creation, therefore not every theater takes the responsibility of producing such opera. «The St. Petersburg Opera» has preserved the canvas of the well-known story about the rescue of the beautiful woman from the Turkish captivity. 
The nowadays' display of the Opera is a kind of experiment where the number of characters has expanded. Among these characters there are now appeared close friends and relatives of composer Mozart. As a result, the lyrical comedy has acquired dramatic features. <...> 
Complicating the composition, Yuri Alexandrov remained faithful to the original musical and dramatic genre. The detailed dialogues, together with the arias are a feature of a singspiel, popular in the 18th century. The producer preserved the melody of Austrian and German folk songs, but included pathetic monologues of the opera seria and the irony of elegant opera buffa "(Anna Lesina, Saint Petersburg TV channel, May 30, 2018). 
The correspondent Olga Strauss notes that Mozart's opera «Die Entführung aus dem Serail» became a true gift to the audience that aprreciates the grace, humor and the ability to bring a good mood to life («Rossiyskaya Gazeta» May 30, 2018). <...> The director of the play Yuri Alexandrov is noted for his ability to turn classical operas into vivid and amusing stories that are taken warmly by a modern spectator. This time the orchestra led by the conductor Maxim Valkov has demonstrated the exact singspiel turned onto fashionable in XVIII century Oriental story. At the same time, in this story it is told about the Mozart's fate, or even about the destiny of a musician composing beautiful fairy tales. <...> 
Production Designer Vyacheslav Okunev has created a very beautiful performance and sated this play with Eastern exotic. The costumes of characters look like museum exhibits and playing with the lightning in the background allows to create diverse and surprising landscapes." 
The correspondent also notes the actor's contribution in the play: "Evgeny Nagovitsyn is convincing in the role of the main character. Absolututely adorable his beautiful Constance (played by Karolina Shapovalova). The young soloist was able to deliver all the shades of the feelings of a loving woman - from coquetry to despair. There is another loving couple, a servant Pedrillo (played by Denis Akhmetshin) and Blonda (Svetlana Arzumanova) in this story. <...> It is impossible not to mention the magnificent Anton Morozov in the role of Osmin playing such a convincing thug! It is impossible not to admire the choir, which is not inferior to the ballet with its amazing plasticity. Even the supporting role of the Mute person played by Egor Chubakov remains in the spectator's soul as a memorable character. " 

Vyacheslav Kochnov (“Vecherniy Sankt-Peterburg”, June 6, 2018) notes «expressive bass» of Evgenii Solodovnikov in the role of Osmin, the coloratura of Olesya Gordeeva (Constance), the vocalization of tenors Denis Zakirov (Belmont-Mozart) and Vladislav Mazankin (Pedriello). 

Karolina Shapovalova and Anton Morozov shared their impressions about the new roles. 
Karolina Shapovalova says «I have always wanted to sing a heroine, because I used to play roles like Adele, servants. In a way, this is the first premiere where I sing the heroine. This image for some time to me was far, but within the time, during rehearsals I have got this way ". 
Anton Morozov mentiones: "The rehearsal process is complicated because the material is difficult, and singning Mozart is not easy at all. The party is very complicated, only a few singers in the world sing this part and we had the honor to perform it here." 

In conclusion, Yuri Alexandrov's few words about his new production: "As a producer I have chosen a rather difficult path, since we play two plays in one. We show the simple comic story, even vaudeville at some point. In the second part there are episodes from Mozart's life, his personal drama, a split between creativity and family. " 

The performances will be held on July, 21 and at the beginning of the next season on September, 28.