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“Les pêcheurs de perles” in the "St. Petersburg Chamber Opera." The theater’s new premiere

“Les pêcheurs de perles”, an opera by Georges Bizet, is hardly ever staged now. This makes the story of its appearance in The St. Petersburg Chamber Opera even more interesting. Yuri Alexandrov is known for his tendency towards extraordinary interpretation of opera scores. This work by Bizet is no exception. To create the concept of each performance, the director studies the music deeply seeking inspiration. “Les pêcheurs de perles” captivates the audience with its inexhaustible melodic richness and dramatic expressiveness. 

According to Yuri Alexandrov, “Apart from fascinating the audience with three casts for the main roles, The St. Petersburg Chamber Opera will also impress them with colorful scenery and costumes. The spectators will admire the fabulous and wonderful Oriental world". Set designer Vyacheslav Okunev will help the characters appear in the underwater kingdom, in the jungle in caves, and even in heavens. 
There are a few versions of “Les pêcheurs de perles”, and the endings differ significantly. Which final The St. Petersburg Chamber Opera will choose, the audience will see at the premiere.