Театр Санкт-Петербург Опера


The troupe of the St. Petersburg Chamber Opera is a young one. Apart from graduates of the St. Petersburg Conservatory, it includes talented artists from all over Russia. Most of them are nominees and winners of national and international competitions, who have been selected carefully and meticulously. The company members prefer to be referred to as an acting and singing ensemble rather than individual “stars”. Alexandrov himself is prepared to lose actors, saying that if his singers move to the world-famous theatres, it is nothing but a natural and welcome process. They will be replaced with others, perhaps even better ones, and it’s always a challenge to help them take full advantage of their talent. 

“My actors must accept the principles which I am committed to. It was vital for me to organize my own theatre. I wanted to create an effective model of artistic life. This theatre is my laboratory where I may test my ideas and develop my staging techniques. This is a studio where young actors acquire professional skills and are taught a culture of particular behavior and appearance, they are taught always to live up to the name of an actor not only on stage but also in life.” Yury Alexandrov