La Rondine



Giacomo Puccini wrote about the opera 'La rondine’ in a letter to the librettist Giuseppe Adami: 'The swallow opens its wings, it is full of the sun and the beauty of the blue sea and it flies back to the golden nest to save itself and its beloved. I find the plot is not so bad. Don’t you?'. The plot of 'La rondine' is partly tied with 'La Traviata' but music is devoid of Verdi’s drama. The composer himself claimed that in this opera there is a lot of good music and the musical atmosphere of the opera recalls the exquisite Viennese salons. 

In the fashion salon ‘Rambaldo’ in Paris, the last collection of the master is demonstrated. Magda, the mistress of Rambaldo and the supermodel, is in an inexhaustible longing and she is driven by an impulse to fly like a swallow in order to obtain happiness. 
Yvette, the confidante of Rambaldo, appeals to reason in vain. When Ruggero, a brave young man from the province, suddenly appears in the salon, Magda begins to believe that he is the object of her aspirations. Also Ruggero himself thinks to find in Magda an ideal wife who is matching the image born in his dreams. 
the dancing hurricane and bustle of Parisian nightlife, they promise each other love and happiness. In a fit of feelings, Magda separates with Rambaldo and bids farewell to Paris. Nevertheless, everyday life with Ruggero fetters her. This world is too small for Magda, too delineated, too planned. She is noticeably alienated from her lover. 
Once again the swallow wants to spread its wings and go to the ephemeral 'everywhere'. Magda begs Ruggero to forgive her, not even knowing how far her wings will bring her. 

'La rondine' in the Chamber Opera of Hamburg is elegant and light performance which corresponds to the genre of lyric comedy that Puccini wrote. Ini Herat is the Producer and the Author of the German version of the libretto. She skillfully wrote the play in the nowadays’ realities. This is one of the new premieres of the theatre. A vivid, new play which is based on not well-known opera in Russia will certainly rise interest to the St. Petersburg audience. 

The Chamber Opera of Hamburg is the only private chamber opera in Europe and it focuses mainly on the works of musical theatre of the XVI – XIX centuries. The basis of the repertoire of Chamber Opera of Hamburg consists of classical works. At the International Festival of Chamber Opera in St. Petersburg the theatre artists will perform for the first time. 

Magda: Luminita Andrei 
Ruggero: Ljuban Živanović 
Lisette: Natascha Dwulecki 
Prunier: Richard Neugebauer 
Rambaldo: Titus Witt 
Yvette: Feline Knabe 
Gobin: Robert Elibay-Hartog Allee 

Theater Ensemble Orchestra 
Violin: André Böttcher / Maline Zickow, Ada Schwengenbecher 
Viola: Kei Takano 
Violoncello: Erika Sehlbach / Nariman Akbarov 
Flute: Melanie Sobieraj 
Clarinet: Sonja Jünemann 
Bassoon: Christian Elsner 
Horn: Cesár Cabañero Martínez 
Harp: Konstanze Kuß 
Piano: Martynas Stakionis 

Conductor: Ettore Prandi