Театр Санкт-Петербург Опера

Night of Opera arias and romances

The concert is named after final lines of A.S.Pushkin’s poem ‘The Gypsies’: ‘And fateful passions are found everywhere and there is no defence against fate.’ 

And, at once, a passionate, bubbling with emotion, opera piece of young Sergei Rachmaninov recurred in the memory, the opera written after Pushkin's plot. If revise many opera stories and lyrics of romances, it was the ‘fateful passions’ that inspired composers to create insightful pages of opera and vocal lyrics while listeners are attracted to theatre halls... 
I remember one of P.I.Tchaikovsky's letters when he wrote the opera The Queen of Spades: ‘I feel in other works, for example, in the fourth piece that I arranged today, such fear, horror and shock that it can not be that listeners did not feel at least a part of it’. ‘The drama of human passions’, as Pushkin wrote, in the musical theater finds an incredible power of affection, excites and carries away. The musical masterpieces of the concert program will allow listeners to touch the best pages of the world musical classics.