Театр Санкт-Петербург Опера

Summarizing the Moscow tour

In October, The St. Petersburg Chamber Opera participated in Russia’s national festival To see the music in Moscow. The performances were received by the audience enthusiastically and were, in general, praised by the critics. 

Of the two performances shown at the festival - Les pêcheurs de perles by Georges Bizet and Not only love by Rodion Shchedrin - more attention was focused on Shchedrin's opera, which was presented by The St. Petersburg Chamber Opera on the stage of the Pokrovsky Chamber Music Theatre. “From the very first scene, it becomes clear that the play is truly an artistic phenomenon”, writes Vladimir Zisman of Revizor Internet portal (Oct 30 2016). “The stage design is quite modest with most of the director’s message expressed through a video projection on the backdrop”. 
The reviewer also noted the excellent acting skills of the performers. Volodia Gavrilov, one of the main characters is “a provocation, very precisely embodied by Vladislav Mazankin”. 
“Natasha, Volodia’s bride, was played by Eugene Kravchenko in a very lyrical way. The tractor drivers are just great both at singing and at presenting their characters, they embodied their images extremely accurately, all four of them: A. Morozov, Yu Borschev, D. Zakirov and D. Akhmetshin. Their quartet at the beginning of the first act was performed so brilliantly that it caused great enthusiasm of the audience. 
The high-voiced girl (yes, this is what the name of the role is) Olesya Gordeeva sang it wonderfully. The true stars of the night were two singers, Natalia Kochubey as Katerina, the best supporting actress, and the leading character, Varvara Vasilievna, played by Larisa Pominova. Apart from powerful and expressive vocal, they also showed a fantastic kaleidoscope of female characters and emotional states” 
“Huge responsibility in the opera lies with the choir (led by Maria Gergel). The choir was truly magnificent both in terms of their stage appearance and in performing completed choir pieces”. 
“The orchestra sounded skilful. The brass group, which was brilliant in all genre scenes, should be admired in particular. Conductor Maxim Valkov succeeded in performing this complicated show very precisely and sensitively towards the soloists.” 
Sergey Bulanov from the Musical Seasons Internet portal (Nov 04 2016) also noted the acting and the performance of the orchestra conducted by Maxim Valkov. 
Alexander Matusevich (Kultura newspaper, Nov 10 2016) described the performance as “a true masterpiece”. “Without exaggeration, we can say that this is one of the most significant and successful productions by the famous master in recent years”. 
Not surprisingly, “the St. Petersburg performance caused great excitement” (Sergey Bulanov, Musical Seasons Internet portal, Nov 04 2016). 

More details about the performances of "St. Petersburg Chamber Opera" in Moscow at the All-Russia festival "To see the music" are available here: