Театр Санкт-Петербург Опера

The Russian-Egyptian Year of Humanitarian Cooperation: for the first time a grand opera performance of a Russian theatre will be shown in Egypt

“The troupe tour from the Northern capital of Russia will take place thanks to St.
Petersburg Government, the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Arab Republic of Egypt,
the Russian Center for Science and Culture in Cairo support. Implementation of international
touring projects is one of the priority tasks of the Government of St. Petersburg. Petersburg is
proud of its theatrical collectives. Even in the difficult conditions of the pandemic, we found
ways to present our masterpieces abroad, affirming the status of the cultural capital of Russia.” -
St. Petersburg Culture Committee chairman - Konstantin Sukhenko.
“We are extremely pleased that the stabilization of the global sanitary and
epidemiological situation makes it possible to hold a face-to-face event of such incomparable
scope and beauty within the framework of the Year of Humanitarian Cooperation between
Russia and Egypt. We are sure that Rigoletto will become the major event in the cultural life of
Cairo, and undoubtedly the production will be enthusiastically received by the Egyptian
audience. This tour of talented Russian artists, taking place in such a difficult time, will make an
invaluable contribution to strengthening the long-standing traditions of friendship between our
people.” - Georgiy Borisenko, Russian Ambassador to Egypt.
“Rigoletto” is one of the most famous works of Giuseppe Verdi. The well-known opera
staged by Yuri Alexandrov is captivating not only because of its luxurious scenography and
virtuoso performance but also because of the unexpected meanings that the director skillfully
deduced from the score.
“This large-scale, long-awaited and, unique performance will be one of the highlights of
the Year of Humanitarian Cooperation between Russia and Egypt. Guests are guaranteed an
unforgettable aesthetic pleasure.“ - Alexei Tevanyan, director of the Russian Center for
Science and Culture in Cairo.
“The Cairo Opera House has the honour to host the St. Petersburg Opera Theatre - one of
the leading opera companies in Russia. For two successive days, the Cairo Opera audience will
enjoy one of the operatic art masterpieces, Verdi’s “Rigoletto”, which was nominated for the
Golden Mask, Russian National Theatre Award.“ - Dr. Magdy Saber, the Chairman of the
Board of the National Cultural Center (Cairo Opera House).
The production boldly shatters the opera clichés that have developed in the process of
staging Rigoletto. According to Yuri Alexandrov, the court jester is not a hunchback at all, but a
sarcastic, intelligent, and wicked, but not at all an old man. The hump and the mask are merely
the buffoonish guises he wears at the Duke's court. However, moral ugliness cannot be shed like
a mask. An extraordinary man, forced to endure constant humiliation, he entertains intrigue,
willingly taking part in the amusement of his master and his entourage.
“The St. Petersburg Opera is the first Russian theatre coming to Cairo with a grand opera
performance. It is a great honor and, at the same time, responsibility and, that's why we decided
to present to the Cairo audience one of the best examples of world opera - Rigoletto. We have
shown our large-scale version of Verdi's masterpiece in many countries and always with 
unfailing success thanks to the professionalism of our soloists, who perform the most difficult
music with virtuosity. We sincerely hope that the audience will enjoy our lavish costumed
performance and that it will be the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship.” - Yuri