Театр Санкт-Петербург Опера

Preservation of the Unique Appearance of St. Petersburg in the Hands of the City Residents

We were fortunate enough to be residents of St. Petersburg - a beautiful city, an open-air museum with a rich history and traditions.
Unfortunately, despite the fact that St. Petersburg is considered as the "cultural capital" of Russia, there are cases of acts of vandalism in the city, when drawings and inscriptions are arbitrarily applied to elements of the urban environment.
Most of the facades of buildings in our city are finished, self-contained works of art of various eras and styles. The application of unauthorized additional drawings and inscriptions to such unique facades, as well as other elements of the urban environment, is unacceptable - such actions are a criminal offense.
In addition to the fact that these vandal images spoil the unique appearance of the city, which has been developing for centuries, they are more often applied with low-quality materials that destroy the facades of buildings. In addition, these graphics are often offensive or advertise illegal goods and services.
Only by joint efforts will we be able to preserve the harmonious urban environment of St. Petersburg, its beauty and unique historical heritage for future generations of Petersburgers!