Театр Санкт-Петербург Опера

The most anticipated concerts in April

The cozy hall of the mansion of Baron von Derviz, where the St. Petersburg Opera is located steeped in history. Each concert is riddled with melodies thanks to its unique and antique atmosphere.
On April 4, for the first time this season, we invite you to the “Palace Extravaganza”.
 “Palace Extravaganza” is a celebration of music and theatre. It is a kind of parade of young opera stars and a costumed fashion show, striking with a variety of styles and originality of artistic performance.
The program of the evening includes scenes from the best performances of the theatre, many of which have been awarded prestigious prizes. The performances are widely known not only for the subtlety of musical interpretation but also for astonishing and glamourous theatrical costumes.
On April 7, the public will be presented with another rare concert program this season – “The Evening of Russian Romance” Romance is an amazing genre. Arising on the wave of the trends of romanticism, it has not lost its popularity even today. Romance lyrics touch the most subtle psychological experiences, diverse feelings, and find a response in every heart.
Few of the composers have resisted the possibility of a deeply personal, almost intimate expression, impossible, except for romance, in any other genre. “I am very inspired by poetry,” admitted Sergei Rachmaninoff. “…after music, I love poetry most of all ... I always have poetry at hand. Poetry inspires music, for there is a lot of music in poetry itself. They are like twin sisters”. The poetic word of Pushkin, Baratynsky, Tyutchev, Fet, Lermontov forever merged with musical embodiment in the romances of Glinka, Gurilev, Varlamov, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninof.