Театр Санкт-Петербург Опера


On March 26 and 27, the St. Petersburg Opera will present the premiere of the play “I know of no other such country…” The theatrical fantasy of the theatre's artistic director Yuri Alexandrov was based on two famous cycles “From Jewish Folk Poetry" by Dmitry Shostakovich and "Russian Notebook" by Valery Gavrilin.
“Our historical past was different, both great and tragic... This performance is an honest conversation with Russian people about what they are trying to fall silent or rewrite today. But forgetting about some pages of history is wrong, because it is impossible to penetrate into the essence of today's existence without understanding the past, forgetting own roots... The new production is an attempt to touch the contradictory moments of Russian history and at the same time a tribute to the memory of the great Leningrad composer, my friend Valery Gavrilin... It was no coincidence that I combined his name with Dmitry Shostakovich in one performance; such a pair is very organic because they are equal composers... ”, says Yuri Alexandrov.
One of the music critics said that Valery Gavrilin created a new genre in music – a song-symphonic. Valery Gavrilin himself only dreamed of creating such music that could touch the soul of every person...
 “This is our long-awaited meeting with one of the Russian geniuses. His composition is precious, subtle and lyrical. With the greatest respect for the composer and trepidation, we orchestrated a vocal cycle for a soloist and a piano and turned it into a theatrical work. The play touches upon very complex topics: the quivering strings of the female psyche and character, the war, which has not spared anyone and, of course, as a leitmotif, will be present in the play... ”, explains Yuri Alexandrov.