Театр Санкт-Петербург Опера

Rules for Visiting the Theatre

Dear visitors,
We kindly appeal to you to get acknowledged with the Rules for Visiting the Theatre set in accordance with the "Standard for Safe Operations, including Sanitary and Hygienic Safety in order to Prevent the Spread of a New Coronavirus Infection (COVID-19) in Saint Petersburg" approved by the Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing. 
1. The entrance of visitors to the theatre is carried out only after measuring the body temperature using non-contact thermometer and visual inspection. In case of waiting at the entrance, visitors must maintain a minimum social distance of 1.5 meters in accordance with markup. Visitors with a body temperature above 37 °C and / or having visual symptoms of respiratory diseases (cough, runny nose, weakness) are not allowed to enter the hall of the theatre. In such case, visitors are advised to visit a doctor and receive medical care with the observance of precautions.
2. On the information stands at the box office lobby and on the theatre's official website, you can find information about the rules of personal and public hygiene, about the inadmissibility attending a theatre with symptoms of respiratory diseases (cough, runny nose, weakness, body temperatyre above 37 °C). 
3. Before the start of the performance, the theatre provides with an audio reminder of the need to maintain social distance, the need to occupy the places indicated in a ticket, and other security measures.
4. Please note that visitors must wear face masks indoors. Entrance to the theatre without protective masks is not allowed.
5. All theatre employees involved in organizing the reception of spectators must work in
protective masks and gloves.
6. Before, during and after the performances, the responsible persons of the theatre or specialized organization disinfect surfaces and decontaminate air in the spectator and backstage areas.
7. The spectator section of the theatre and rest rooms are equipped with dispensers with antiseptics. 
8. Whenever possible, at the box office of the theatre, visitors are advised to use contactless payment methods when purchasing tickets to avoid the use of cash. 
9. Visitors and staff of the theatre must ensure that a distance of at least 1.5 meters is kept in all areas: at the lobby, in the buffet, at the entrance to the hall and exit from it, as well as when seating in foyer (armchairs, sofas, chairs). To this end, the theatre provides application to the floor surface markings with designation of the minimum allowable social distance of 1.5 meters at the entrance to the theatre building, as well as in other places where people may gather. 
10. Carry out the organization of trade and public catering in accordance with Methodical Recommendations MR 3.1 / "Recommendations for the Organization of Work of Catering Enterprises in oder to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19", MP 3.1 / "Recommendations for the Prevention of New Coronavirus Infection (COVID-19) in Trade Enterprises"; prohibit the implementation of food products, excluding water and beverages in industrial packaging.
11. Staff of the theatre is responsible for monitoring compliance with the rules of personal and public hygiene and social distancing. Persons who violate these rules of personal and public hygiene are not allowed to enter the theatre. 
12.In order to prevent the congestion of spectators at the entrances to the halls, the admission of spectators to the theatre starts 60 minutes before the performance.
13. Check-takers must control strict adherence by spectators to the seats indicated in the ticket.
14. The theatre ensures that the intervals between performances are sufficient for airing and cleaning the hall using disinfectants.
15. Whenever possible, the responsible persons of the theatre organize the airing of the audience foyers, after the start of the performance and after the intermission, and at the end of the performance.
16. The theatre preserves the right not to admit visitors to the theatre and spectators to the performance, not complying with the rules of this Standard.