Театр Санкт-Петербург Опера

"Russian Seasons" will show the broadcast of the opera "The Pearl Fishers"

A new cultural week starts at https://www.russianseasons.org/. Online broadcasts will be held as part of the Stay home with Russian Seasons initiative - a permanent promotion of International Cultural Project "Russian Seasons".

On September 15, art lovers will be able to see on the watch an opera by G. Bizet "The Pearl Fishers" conducted by the troupe of the theatre "The St. Petersburg Opera".

The simple lyrical plot is based on a love triangle placed in an exotic place - the island of Ceylon. The opera tells about the love of the young man Nadir and the priestess Leila, happiness hindered by the high priest Nurabad and the leader chosen by the pearl seekers, an old friend
Nadira Zurga. Jealous of him for Leila, Zurga decides to put both of them to death, but after painful thought gives life to lovers.

In the middle of the 19th century, the main theatre of Paris - Théâtre-Lyric ordered from the young composer Bizet the first opera. The plot of this opera was written in just a few months. After the premiere in 1863, the famous French composer Hector Berlioz noted that the score of the opera "Contains many beautiful expressive moments full of fire and rich color." Melodic richness, dramatic expressiveness, features of the score are the main
features of "The Pearl Fishers". The music from this opera is so popular that it is quoted in movies, performed in instrumental arrangements, sung by rock musicians. Nadir's aria “Je croisentendre encore” is sung by the British vocalist, one of the leaders of Pink Floyd David Gilmour, and
male duet for tenor and baritone "Au fond du temple saint" performed by Frenchman Roberto Alagna
and Welshman Bryn Terfel.

For the first time, the St. Petersburg Opera theatre turns to the work of Georges Bizet. Spectacle People's Artist of Russia Yuri Alexandrov, known for his non-standard incarnation of rare opera plots will amaze the audience with magnificent performers of the main roles, colorful decorations and costumes. The audience will see a fabulous and beautiful the world of the East. The action takes place in the underwater kingdom, in the jungle, in caves, in heaven. “We are pleased to present the most interesting production by Yuri Alexandrov at the Russian Seasons Pearl Seekers. This is not a well-known gem of operatic art - an oriental plot with French drama. Our theater tours a lot in Europe, including often performs in France, this year a tour in Nice was planned. Therefore, we will be happy to show online this particular production, where love is reflected, passion and generosity! " - said the director of the St. Petersburg Opera Evgeny Malygin.