Театр Санкт-Петербург Опера

"Once Again about Love"

Dear viewers!
On behalf of the collective of the theatre, we congratulate Yuri Alexandrov and the staff of the St. Petersburg Opera Theatre on the premiere of a unique project with the famous fashion designer Valentin Yudashkin.
Enchanting festivity of arts "Once Again about Love" dedicated to the Valentine’s Day was held on February 14 at the Alexandrinsky Theatre. Is it possible to combine such different arts as fashion, opera and ballet in one action? At first glance, it seems that this is utopia, but any experiment is possible if such a virtuoso master as Yuri Alexandrov (production director) takes it. The theme of the evening was the love story of Romeo and Juliet.
 “It was love at first sight. I like large-scale projects, I like trying something new ... To take this whole story to a Shakespearean level and make it a little different than the usual fashion show, I took Wagner's music, my favorite parts from Tannhäuser, from Lohengrin, from the Meistersinger. I wanted to unite such different genres in one to create unforgettable experience for the audience”, Yuri Alexandrov admitted to reporters during a press conference before the show.
“Preparation for the premiere lasted six months. Especially for this show, Valentin Yudashkin selected fashionable outfits that were shown only once in France. Each dress from the collections “Gardens of Paris”, “Russian Theatre”, “Scythian Gold” and “Viva Spain” is like a painting, not only adorned the action on the stage, but also revealed the drama of the story. Infinite energy. The dynamics of color, sound and light ... It seems that there is nothing superfluous. This is a real triumph of beauty... ”, TV channel“ St. Petersburg ” reports.
 “I was just stunned, it was so unusually beautiful and organic ... I want to thank Yuri Alexandrov and all the artists who took part in this magnificent concert. I never thought that a fashion show can be turned into such a great action. It was unforgettable, such a beauty, the young artists had so much excitement, I hope such a holiday will take place again ... ”, one of the spectators shared her impressions immediately after the program ended. The project was attended by artists of the Mariinsky Theater, soloists and the orchestra of the St. Petersburg Opera, as well as students of the Russian Institute of Performing Arts.
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