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On November 15, 2019, the gala concert of the laureates of the II International Competition for Young Harpists “Crystal Key” took place in Von Derwiz Mansion.

The II International Crystal Key Competition, a unique project founded by Elizaveta Alexandrova, was dedicated to the outstanding Russian harpist and teacher Tatyana Tauer, and was held at the St. Petersburg Opera Theatre. In total of 54 young harpists from Russia, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Serbia, France and Kazakhstan took part in it. New names have been discovered within this competition. The competition was available for harpists of 3 age categories - from 6 to 21 years old. The eminent jury included the best musicians from around the world: Chantal Mathieu (chairman), Emanuel Degli Esposti, Daniela Iolkicheva, Robert Luther, Nika Ryabchinenko, Marina Smirnova, Sofya Kiprskaya and Elizaveta Alexandrova.

As part of the competition program, participants of all age groups were able to receive a master class by the world-famous harpist Chantal Mathieu.

Special guests of the competition were Colombian musicians Oscar Quesada Gonzales (harp) and Alejandra Vargas Muñoz (cello). Maderas Al Viento (as their instrumental duet is called) presented to the contest participants and spectators their own transcriptions of traditional Colombian and Latin American compositions, the original sound of which virtuoso performers achieve through an unusual combination of cello and ethnic harp.

“Crystal Key” promotes the development and promotion of children's and youthful creativity, provides an incentive for career growth. Today, it is the only one in the world, a unique harp competition, the laureates of which received three musical instruments as a reward.

The general partner of the competition is the only Russian harp producer Resonanse Harps, provided its own instruments (harps of various models) for participants of all age groups. For example, large concert, as well as without and without levers, harps from 27 to 40 strings, pedal harps from 40 strings, on which the contestants played during the auditions.

It was a large concert harp that became the award to Tatyana Repnikova, laureate of the 1st prize of the senior age category.

Two reverse harps went to Zoe Buick, who won in the age category B, and Ive Dimitrievich. Iva was awarded a special prize "Resonance Artistic", which could be awarded to any participant in the competition, regardless of the results of auditions and age.

 The gala concert of the winners of the Crystal Key contest was attended by:

- Laureate of the 1st Prize (category C) T. Repnikova

- Laureate of the 2nd Prize (category C) A. Mozol

- Laureate of the 4th Prize (category C) L. Silantyeva

- laureate of the 1st Prize (category B) Z. Buick

- laureate of the 2nd Prize (category B) E. Shuplyakova

- Laureate of the 2nd Prize (category B) M. Bubnov

- Laureate of the 3rd Prize (category B) E. Ivanova

- I Prize Laureate (Category A) E. Orishak

- Laureate of the 2nd Prize (category A) A. Chernova

- Laureate of the 1st Prize (category A) Z. Kadiev