Театр Санкт-Петербург Опера

Tour performances in Estonia

On the last day of March, the St. Petersburg Opera Theatre is going on tour to Estonia, where on April 1 and April 2, 2019 two performances will be shown on the stage of the Estonian National Opera: 'Pagliacci' by Ruggero Leoncavallo and 'Faust' by Charles Gounod. Both performances were staged by the artistic director of the St. Petersburg Opera, People’s Artist of Russia Yuri Alexandrov. 

The epigraph to the production of Yuri Alexandrov was Shakespeare's words: 'The whole world - theater, and the people in it - the actors'. The director offers an original version of one of the most popular operas, which invariably excites human hearts with the sharpness of a love drama and vibrant emotionality of music. The play 'Pagliacci' was awarded with two prizes The Golden Sofit and The Golden Mask in the nominations 'The Best Opera Performance'. 
More information about the play on the website of the Estonian National Opera: http://www.opera.ee/en/lavastus/pajatsid/ 

The performance 'Faust' is one of the last premieres of the theatre. In a modern and expressive performance, director Yuri Alexandrov raises the eternal problems of the philosophy of life, he reflects on the vocation of a human, on the opposition of hell and paradise and, at the same time, Alexandrov reacts vividly to today's events in the world. The play 'Faust' was awarded the highest theatre prize of St. Petersburg The Golden Sofit in the nomination 'The Best Performance in the Opera Theatre'. 
More information about the play 'Faust' on the website of the Estonian National Opera: http://www.opera.ee/en/lavastus/faust-2/ 

Following artists will perform on the stage of Estonian National Opera: Leading soloists of the theatre Honored Artist of Russia Viktor Aleshkov, Sergey Aleshchenko, laureates of international competitions Valentina Fedenyova, Sofia Nekrasova, Natalia Pleshkova, Victoria Grig, Victoria Martemyanova, Vladislav Mazankin, Alexey Pashiev, Vladimir Celebrovsky, Anton Morozov, Yury Borshchev. 
Conductor: Maxim Valkov