Театр Санкт-Петербург Опера

The beginning of the tour in Latvia

From 12 to 14 July prior to celebration of the centennial of Latvia, Chamber Music Theatre "St. Petersburg Opera" visited Riga with a three-day tour. Theatre's tour was a continuation of famous The Latvian Song and Dance Festival. 

In the capital of Latvia on the stage of the VEF Palace of Culture the «St. Petersburg Opera» Theatre showed three performances: «Les pêcheurs de perles» by Georges Bizet (July 12), «Not Love Alone» by Rodion Shchedrin (July 13) and «Faust» by Charles Gounod (July 14) . All the performances were staged by the artistic director of the theatre, People's Artist of the Russian Federation Yuri Alexandrov. 

It should be noted that the author of the opera "Not Love Alone" considers its reading by the «St. Petersburg theatre» the best for today. In the period of stagnation and Cold War in the Soviet Union, this romantic story caused anger due to love affairs at work that were not idealized in the Soviet society. Today's production of the opera is a true testimony that nothing can stop people from the sincere feelings. 
The productions of "Les pêcheurs de perles" and "Faust" give us true appreciation of the original reading of these pearls of the opera genre. The literary critics wrote about the play that "This is a colorful extravaganza with an unexpected finale: both tragic and enlightening at the same time" (Olga Strauss, «The St. Petersburg Theater Magazine», December 26, 2015). It was also mentioned that the Director of the play "found this beautiful fairy tale, the opportunity to please the viewer with beauty" (Elena Tarasenko, «St. Petersburg Life», December 21, 2015). 
Totally different in the direction of Yuri Alexandrov is another masterpiece of the French opera classics "Faust" by Charles Gounod. Evgeniy Sokolinsky from the «Seagull Magazine» mentioned that this is a play of universal scale, a performance about the people creating idols to worship. According to Sokolinsky, “The herd instincts breed the capricious gods and give manipulators to humanity, as a result people lose their goodwill”. He also states “It is about the price for violating the laws of nature“ (Seagull Magazine, 18 June 2017). <...> 
Above all, it is a performance with a qualitative structure with a perfectly sounding musical substance, on the basis of which a complex psychological construction of the performance is created.", said by Nora Potapova (Internet portal «Musical seasons. Everything about opera, music and dance», June 7 2017). 

The following artists took part in the performances: Yevgenia Kravchenko, Sofya Nekrasova, Karolina Shapovalova, Natalya Pleshkova, Larisa Pominova, Natalia Vorobyova, Victoria Martemyanova, Natalia Kochubei, Sergey Aleshchenko, Denis Zakirov, Vladislav Mazankin, Denis Akhmetshin, Alexei Pashiev, Yegor Chubakov, Anton Morozov, Yuri Borshchev, Leonty Salyensky, Yefim Rastorguev. 
Orchestra and the choir of the theatre.
Conductor Maksim Valkov.