Театр Санкт-Петербург Опера

Four awards of the Golden Sofit go to the St. Petersburg Chamber Opera!

Today, on October 30th, the 23rd award ceremony for the laureates of the St. Petersburg Higher Theatre Award "Golden Sofit" took place. The St. Petersburg Chamber Opera has received the highest award in four nominations. 

The best production of an opera theatre is “Faust” by the St. Petersburg Chamber Opera staged by the People’s Artist of Russia Yuri Alexandrov. The conductor is Maxim Valkov. In this nomination, the St. Petersburg Opera competed with the Mariinsky Theatre and became a winner. The more significant is the success of the St. Petersburg Chamber Opera, the entire staff of the theatre and its artistic director Yuri Alexandrov. 
In the nomination “The Best Male Role in Opera Performance”, among the artists of the Mariinsky and Mikhailovsky theatres, the soloist of the St. Petersburg Chamber Opera Sergei Aleschenko has won the prize for playing the role of Faust. 
Vyacheslav Okunev was also awarded by the nomination “The Best Work of an Artist in a Music Theatre” with the "Faust" production. The artistic tandem of Yuri Alexandrov and Vyacheslav Okunev is well known not only in St. Petersburg. Many of their performances became a thing in the musical and theatre life of the country. The Faust is not an exception. 
Another “Golden Sofit” was given to the soloist of the St. Petersburg Chamber Opera Karolina Shapovalova. Let us notice that the soloists of the Theatre of Musical Comedy were also being among the contestants. However, the performance by Karolina Shapovalova who played Serpoletta in “Les Cloches de Corneville” is considered by the jury as the best female role in operetta and musical genre. The director of the performance is Yuri Alexandrov. The conductor is Alexander Goikhman. 
The repertoire of the St. Petersburg Chamber Opera impresses by its diversity. The theatre presents Verdi’s musical dramas, Donizetti and Rossini’s brilliant opera opuses, classical operetta and operas by composer-verifiers, masterpieces of the 20th century and Russian opera classics. It should be also mentioned that the award “Golden Sofit” was received by the theatre for such popular genres as a psychological drama “Faust” by Charles Gounod and Robert Planquette’s operetta “Les Cloches de Corneville”. 

Congratulations to the team of the theatre and its artistic director Yuri Alexandrov with getting the St. Petersburg’s Higher Theatre Award “Golden Sofit” 2017!