Театр Санкт-Петербург Опера

Sofia Nekrasova is a nominee for the National Opera Award “Onegin” 2017

The expert board of the National Opera Award “Onegin” has nominated the soloist of the St. Petersburg Chamber Opera, Sofia Nekrasova, for the role of Margarete in “Faust” production staged by the theatre’s artistic director, People’s Artist of Russia, Yuri Alexandrov, last season. 

The role of Margarete was not just a luck for the actress but unveiled new facets of her talent. “Sofia Nekrasova, to the second part of the performance, grows up to a tragic actress whose mad eyes, convulsive plastique, and tremor in the voice (with full sound) let her keep spectators on the edge of their chairs which is rarely experienced in opera, – acclaims the musical critic Nora Potapova in the article “The Patients” (the website “Musical Seasons. All about opera, music and dance”, June 7th 2017). 

Award laureates will be announced at the Second Ceremony of the National Opera Award “Onegin” on October 29th 2017, in Alexandrinsky Theatre.