Театр Санкт-Петербург Опера

"Faust". Production by Yuri Alexandrov

In its thirtieth, jubilee, season, The St. Petersburg Chamber Opera for the first time turned to the works by Charles Gounod. In his modern, expressive version of the classical opera director Yuri Alexandrov deals with the philosophical issues of being, the man’s vocation, and the confrontation of hell and heaven, responding vividly and passionately to today's world events. 

Yuri Alexandrov about the production of Faust: "Over the past decades we have witnessed a lot of attempts to zombify people. Many world regimes have tried to subdue human mind and soul. This happened during the Communism period, and, to some extent, is happening now. Just look at today’s information wars. People around the world are brainwashed in various ways. The invasion in human consciousness, the attempt to create a new Frankenstein - that's what I see in the story of Faust. Obviously, this topic is very urgent and very important for me, so we will analyze it scrupulously. 
Gounod composed great music, and we took care of it. We did change the sequence of scenes in our performance. But this does not mean that the cut down the performance. In my version we emphasize all personal experiences of the characters. However, we are not trying to impose new personal qualities on the characters, we stick to the original." 

The performance is held under the auspices of the St Petersburg International Cultural Forum.