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II International Chamber Opera Festival

From April 7 to 23, 2017 The State Chamber Musical Theater “St. Petersburg Chamber Opera” and the Fund for Support of Cultural Initiatives “St. Petersburg Chamber Opera” present the II International Chamber Opera Festival. The festival is held with the support of the St. Petersburg Government and the Committee for Culture. Artistic Director of the Festival – People's Artist of Russia Yuri Alexandrov. 

The participants will include Saint Petersburg Chamber Opera, Warsaw Chamber Opera (Poland), Helikon-Opera under Dmitry Bertman (Moscow), The Moscow Chamber Opera Theatre named after Boris Pokrovsky, European Culture Association of Art-Europe. 

THE STATE CHAMBER MUSIC THEATRE THE ST. PETERSBURG CHAMBER OPERA Like it was in last year, The St. Petersburg Chamber Opera opens and finishes the International Festival of Chamber Opera with premieres. This time they are Les cloches de Corneville by Robert Planquette and Cavalleria rusticana by Pietro Mascagni. Such a wide genre range, from romantic operetta to a veristic musical drama, sets a very special tone for the festival program, in which eminent opera companies represent a variety of styles, genres and directors’ interpretations. The theater dedicates the Festival to its 30th anniversary. 

WARSAW CHAMBER OPERA (POLAND) The Warsaw Chamber Opera is a musical institution with more than 50-years of history. It was founded in 1961 by Stefan Sutkowski, who became its long-time managing and artistic director. The repertoire of the Chamber Opera is characterized by a huge variety of musical styles and forms of the performed works: from medieval mysteries, through early and late Baroque opera, classical opera, 18th-century mime, Rossini and Donizetti, to contemporary stage works. The Warsaw Chamber Opera has organised many festivals, including the Mozart Festival, the Festival of Baroque Opera, Claudio Monteverdi Festival, Rossini Festival or the Festival of Polish Contemporary Opera. The flagship artistic project of the Warsaw Chamber Opera is the Mozart Festival which has featured in the Warsaw musical calendar for more than 25 years. This is the first time Warsaw Chamber Opera participates in the International Chamber Opera Festival in St. Petersburg presenting Imeneo, one of the greatest operas by Handel. The performance is accompanied by Warsaw Chamber Opera’s ensemble of old (authentic) musical instruments. 

MOSCOW STATE ACADEMIC CHAMBER MUSICAL THEATRE NAMED AFTER BORIS POKROVSKY Chamber Musical Theatre founded by B. A. Pokrovsky in 1972 is one of the most famous and internationally-known Russian musical theatres. From its earliest days, the theatre has been a true contemporary opera laboratory remaining an only theatre of its kind in Russia for many years. At the festival, the theatre will present I quatro rusteghi (The Four Ruffians), by Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari, one of the most original opera composers of the 20th century. The composer’s talent was revealed most clearly in his comic operas, he successfully applied commedia dell'arte principles in modern opera becoming one of the few worthy successors of the of Italian opera buff tradition. 

THE HELIKON-OPERA (MOSCOW) UNDER DMITRY BERTMAN For a quarter of century, the name Helikon has been associated with the musical theater founded in Moscow on April 10, 1990 that brings together young talents. Helikon Opera is led by its founder, People's Artist of Russia Dmitry Bertman. At the festival, the theatre will present an adventurous Italian comedy written by the young Mozart and performed lively and enthusiastically, with a light detective touch – a mock garden girl, a mock garden man, the character who pretends to be murdered ... La Finta Giardiniera has been part of Helikon Opera repertoire since 2006. The play has been performed in Baku, Tver, Voronezh, Tula, and even at Al Bustan festival in Lebanon. 

EUROPEAN CULTURE ASSOCIATION OF ART-EUROPE European Culture Association of Art-Europe presents three performances at the festival, Bluebeard's Castle by Béla Bartók and two baroque intermezzos, L'impresario delle Isole Canarie (The impresario from the Canary Islands), by Domenico Sarro and Pimpinone by Tomaso Albinoni. Bartok’s music immerses the audience into mystical secrets of an ancient castle, with the fear of the castle itself being the main "character" of the play, and seven symphonic sketches symbolizing the mysteries of the seven doors – Duke’s crimes. Intermezzo also offer fun stories, lightness and elegance of baroque opera. 

Festival Programme: 
Opening of the Festival 
7 April 
Robert Planquette Les cloches de Corneville 
Romantic operetta in two acts 
Saint Petersburg Chamber Opera 

9 April 
George Frideric Handel Imeneo 
Opera in three acts 
Warsaw Chamber Opera (Poland) 

13 April 
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart La Finta Giardiniera 
Opera buffa in two acts 
Helikon-Opera under Dmitry Bertman (Moscow) 

15 April 
Béla Bartók Blubeard’s Castle 
Opera in one act 

16 April 
Baroque Intermezzo 
Domenico Sarro L'impresario delle Isole Canarie 
Intermezzo in two scenes on the words of Pietro Metastasio 
Tomaso Albinoni Pimpinone 
Comic one act opera 

19 April 
Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari I quatro rusteghi 
Comic opera in three acts 
The Moscow Chamber Opera Theatre named after Boris Pokrovsky 

Closing of the Festival 
23 April 
Pietro Mascagni Cavalleria rusticana 
Musical drama with one intermission 
Saint Petersburg Chamber Opera 

The performances start at 7 p.m. 
The festival performances are held at the State Chamber Music Theatre The St. Petersburg Chamber Opera (33, Galernaya street)