Театр Санкт-Петербург Опера

The St. Petersburg Chamber Opera and The first Eurasian Cossack youth forum

On July 4, The St. Petersburg Chamber Opera welcomed the participants of the First Eurasian Cossack youth forum in St. Petersburg. 

The whole performance was a kind of dilogy made of two operas, The Young Guard by Julian Meytus and Crimea by Marian Koval, staged by theatre’s artistic director Yuri Alexandrov. 
Yuri Alexandrov himself is one of the main figures in both productions. He recites the 20th century war lyrics in The Young Guard as well as dramatic verse interludes written specially for Crimea
The forum participants joined the actors at the end of the performance to sing together the anthem Legendary Sevastopol by Vano Muradeli. 
Alexander Altunin, head of Cossacks of the Country, Cossack development foundation, who was present at the performance, expressed his gratitude to Yuri Alexandrov and the theatre company, while many Cossacks wrote grateful reviews in the guest book created especially for the performance.