Театр Санкт-Петербург Опера

The Festival will be!

From April 23 to May 8, 2016 The State Chamber Musical Theater “St. Petersburg Chamber Opera” and the Fund for Support of Cultural Initiatives “St. Petersburg Chamber Opera” for the first time in Russia present the International Chamber Opera Festival. The festival is held with the support of the St. Petersburg Government and the Committee for Culture. Artistic Director of the Festival – People's Artist of Russia Yuri Alexandrov. 

Unprecedented in Russia, this forum promises to become an important international culture event. The participants will include The State Chamber Musical Theater “St. Petersburg Chamber Opera”, COLLEGIUM MUSICUM RIGA, Estonian National Opera , Moscow Helikon-Opera and Moscow State Academic Pokrovsky Chamber Opera Theatre. 
The festival seeks to present chamber opera as a distinctive and up-to-date genre taking an important place in the world musical culture. Its participants include leading theatre companies of the two Russian capitals as well as Europe and the diverse program covers the important works of an extended period of history from baroque opera to the great 20th century composers, Stravinsky and Britten. A lot of festival performances will be shown in Russia and St. Petersburg for the first time. 
Such a project can only be carried out on a chamber stage, and The St. Petersburg Chamber Opera with its luxurious historical interiors of the Baron von Derviz mansion, one of the most impressive palaces of St. Petersburg, where the theater is located, meets all these requirements perfectly. 
“Today, for the first time in Russia, we are opening the International Festival of Chamber Music Theatres. I wish I could exclaim: "All flags will come to us!", as the great Russian 19th century poet Alexander Pushkin said, but, I could hardly say that today, for we are going through difficult times at the moment. We are all aware of what is going on in the world, and first of all, we expect to see our friends here. 
An international chamber opera festival was something that Boris Pokrovsky, great director and reformer of Russian opera theatre, dreamt about, but it never happened during his lifetime. Today, The St. Petersburg Chamber Opera is eager to start this project with all enthusiasm. Perhaps, it is quite a modest beginning, because we have few participants, but they are welcomed guests and I am sure that this idea will be developed further. 
I fully understand that to maintain the status of St. Petersburg as the cultural capital, Russia really needs such events. Therefore, we take our new project with great responsibility. The festival will be held in The St. Petersburg Chamber Opera, a unique venue with its splendid interiors and magnificent Baroque hall. I think the atmosphere of the palace itself add special significance and dignity to this festival. Welcome to our performances!” Yu. Alexandrov.