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Dedication to Prokofiev

On 19 April, the Bolshoi Drama Theatre hosted Sergei Prokofiev .From the debut to the endgame, a new performance staged by People’s Artist of Russia Yuri Alexandrov to commemorate the 125th anniversary of the composer’s birth. 

Yuri Alexandrov is known as a sharply modern director who always responds to current affairs. Each of his productions becomes a bright event in the city’s theatre life. To stage Sergei Prokofiev .From the debut to the endgame, Yuri Alexandrov invited a team of colleagues. The script was written by Viktor Vysotsky, pianist, composer and author of numerous TV projects. The performance was conducted by Alexander Titov, Honored Artist of Russia. Scenic design was made by People's Artist of Russia Vyacheslav Okunev, who has long cooperated with Aleksandrov. Irina Vtornikova whose name can also often be seen on the theatre’s posters was the lighting designer. Choreographer Nadezhda Kalinina has staged a lot successful performances with The St. Petersburg Chamber Opera. In Sergei Prokofiev .From the debut to the endgame she worked alongside the legendary Leonid Lavrovsky, author of the famous Romeo and Juliet based on music by Prokofiev. The concert master is Irina Teplyakova. Video design was created by Daniil Bakalin and Mikhail Ushinin. 
Leading St. Petersburg drama actors participated in the performance. All opera roles were performed by The St. Petersburg Chamber Opera soloists and ballet parts were performed by Mariinsky Theatre dancers accompanied by the The Tauride International Symphony Orchestra led by artistic director Mikhail Golikov. 
The composer‘s passion for chess inspired the authors to present Prokofiev’s biography as a chess game against the regime, the country leader, and the fate itself. The role of Interlocutor who narrates the story while embodying the hidden power that may decide the fate of the genius, and is also a chess opponent, was played by People's Artist of Russia Valery Dyachenko.