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In the blessed memory of Maya Plisetskaya

Maya Plisetskaya and Rodion Shchedrin at the premiere of the opera "Not only love" in The St. Petersburg Chamber Opera. March 1, 2014 (photo by Фонтанка.ру) 

Artistic director of the The St. Petersburg Chamber Opera Yuri Alexandrov and the all the theatre company express their deep condolences to Rodion Shchedrin, to all relatives and friends of Maya Plisetskaya as well as to all admirers of her extraordinary talent. 

Maya Plisetskaya was a wonderful person, a brilliant actress, one of the greatest dancers ever. She became the first Soviet ballet dancer who managed to overcome the Iron Curtain that separated the Soviet Union from the West. Always cheerful and modern thinking, she became an envoy and ambassador of two great cultural traditions, representing Russian culture in the West as well as European culture in the Soviet Union. Apart from being a symbol of the 20th century ballet, she also became a Muse for many artists of her time. First of all, definitely, Rodion Shchedrin should be mentioned here. They were connected by unbreakable ties of love and talent. He gave her his ballets while she inspired him to create new works. 
They loved St. Petersburg and often came here. Last spring, at the invitation of Yuri Alexandrov, they visited the premiere of "Not Only Love", first opera by Rodion Shchedrin which the composer dedicated to Maya Plisetskaya. She was fascinated by the small, cozy and luxurious theatre hall and watched the performance with true interest. For long time this opera had been considered outdated and unactable. Now, director Yuri Alexandrov has restored the forgotten score and created a bright unforgettable performance. "I was always a little ashamed of this opera", the composer confessed. "Why does it fail repeatedly? Probably, it is a really bad one. But here today you have convinced me it is not." 
They were both happy that night. All the participants of the performance were filled with joy, too. We celebrated the premiere all together. There were both drinking songs and serious conversations about art. We will always remember that unforgettable evening and Maya Plisetskaya will remain forever our memories. Simple and regal, so sensible and yet so unattainable, a dancer who became a true legend of world ballet in her lifetime.