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26 November: Die Fledermaus

"Pearl of the Viennese operetta crown", "An elegant bagatelle", "Operetta of all operettas"- these are the titles of the play “Die Fledermaus”. It remains one of the most unsurpassed creations of Johann Strauss Jr., full of dance rhythms of the Viennese waltz, polka, gallop and czardas, preserving eternal youth. The operetta is engaged with heady atmosphere, it is impossible not to “fall in love at first sight” with it.
The story, on the plot of which the libretto was written actually took place in Paris. At the carnival, the husband did not recognize his wife in the costume of a "bat" and fell in love with a "stranger." The anecdote delighted the 22-year-old composer, and he, without hesitation, begun creating music.
There was no place for acute social themes or political satire, often found in French examples of the genre in this production. This is not a story about a punished vice, Strauss wrote about the ability to live and love recklessly, inspired and festively.
Однако, на первый взгляд кажущаяся очень легкой, изумительная по красоте музыка требует роскошных оперных голосов, хорошего оркестра, а еще настоящих героев и героинь, с драматической актерской породой, какими может похвастаться труппа театра. 
“Die Fledermaus” seems to be very light at first glance, but at the same time, beautiful music requires luxurious operatic voices, a good orchestra, and characters with dramatic performing skills. The St. Petersburg Opera demonstrates all these qualities in this play.
The elegant production of the St. Petersburg Opera has already touches the hearts of many spectators. It has a unique flair of old Vienna and seething joy, luxurious decorations and costumes, as well as unexpected meanings, without which the production of People's Artist of Russia Yuri Alexandrov is impossible. The action of the operetta was moved from the prosperous year of 1874 to the crumbling Austria-Hungary just before the First World War...

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