On May 09, 2020, the St. Petersburg Opera will present the audience with a new concert program called “THE GREAT MUSIC OF THE GREAT WAR”.

The years of the war are a special period in the history of Russian music because it gave people strength and self-confidence. The most popular musical symbol with which the Great Patriotic War is associated is the song “Victory Day”, but we must not forget the great composers who were also a part of the war in that terrible time. Among them R. Glier, S. Prokofiev, D. Shostakovich, A. Khachaturian.

V. Gavrilin: “Glier is a composer of the old school, but an artist of the new time”.
At the very beginning of the war, Reinhold Glier, the author of the ballet “The Bronze Horseman” wrote: “We need to start work on major works related to the images, feelings, themes prompted by the Great Patriotic War ... It is our responsibility to give Music that would lift the spirit, arouse patriotic feelings, would be an effective weapon ... ”

In 1941, for Glier, as well as for all citizens of the Soviet Union, the war years of difficult trials began, nevertheless, the composer continued to work hard. In this gloomy life period he created many masterpieces of music. In 1942 - 1943, at the time of fierce battles, tears and suffering, he wrote a concert for a coloratura soprano with an orchestra.

At this time, the composer who was evacuated and lived in a tiny room with his family in Sverdlovsk, had a very little opportunity to create music. Among the works of the composer, most of which are marked by poetry and lyricism, this Concert is perhaps the most sincere, soulful and sincere. Even if Glier did not write anything other than this work, then it would be enough for the author to enter in the history of world musical art. The Concerto for the voice of Glier is a rarity in the vocal repertoire. This concert is incredibly difficult for performers not only because of technical difficulties but also because the technique here is emphasized secondary in nature. In the foreground is an open, pure soul, the great beauty of music. This is what makes the performance of the Concert accessible only flawless in technical terms and in the interpretative nuances of a world-class coloratura soprano.

Glier addressed the classical concert genre five times. The harp concerto is the first of his creation and one of the first samples of this genre created for harp with a double pedal. The concert was written for Ksenia Erdeli, artist of the Bolshoi Theater Orchestra and an outstanding harpist, who approved the solo role of this instrument in the Soviet Union. The composer asked Ksenia to correct the solo part in the concert, and the harpist’s. Her proofreading was so significant that Glier suggested designating her as a co-author (she refused, on May 09, the audience will be able to hear the original sound of a unique instrument - a harp made specifically for the premiere of the harp concert of Glier in 1937).
In the concert program:
Concert for harp and orchestra in E flat major
Concerto for Cello and Orchestra in D minor
Concert for coloratura soprano and orchestra
“Anthem to the Great City”

Conductors: Alexander Goikhman and Robert Luther
Soloists: laureates of international competitions: Elizaveta Alexandrova (harp), Olesya Gordeeva (soprano) and Valery Ferulev (cello)

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