Театр Санкт-Петербург Опера

29 June: La bohème

The famous Puccini opera is presented by The St. Petersburg Chamber Opera as a story of the tragic conflict between the dream and the life routine. The story is not set in any definite time. It reflects the relationships between a man and a woman that have existed ever since Adam and Eve. 

“This opera is about twenty-year-olds, and for twenty-year-olds! In our theater I had a great chance to create a performance with talented young soloists. This play requires no conventional theatrical decorativeness. What is essential is to convey life itself, enclosed in the brilliant score by Puccini. This opera so organic, and the music sets all semantic accents so clearly, that the only thing the director and the singers should avoid is being covered with the existing academic crust”, – says director Yuri Alexandrov.

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