"Die Fledermaus"
"Cavalleria rusticana "
"Les cloches de Corneville"
"Les pêcheurs de perles"
Yuri Alexandrov

Yuri Alexandrov

People's Artist of Russia
Winner of The Golden Mask, Russian National Theatre Award
Winner of The Golden Spotlights, the highest theatre award of St. Petersburg.
Artistic director of The St. Petersburg Chamber Opera

Yuri Alexandrov is one of the few directors sought-after both in Russia and abroad. His productions have been appreciated by the audiences in the United States, Italy, Turkey, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. He might be the only Russian opera director whose performances have been staged in the most prestigious venues in the world including Arena di Verona, Metropolitan Opera, and La Scala. Overall, he has created over 250 performances in Russian and foreign opera houses. In 1987, Yuri Alexandrov founded the Chamber Music Theatre. What was originally intended to be an art laboratory later grew into a professional state company, the St. Petersburg Chamber Opera that is well-known both at home and abroad.

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