14 November: La traviata

The performance is the winner of the highest theatrical award of St. Petersburg, Golden spotlightsin the 2004-2005 season as the best opera performance.

At first, the audience was unable to accept the opera which was set in the 19th century Paris, the present day for the listeners, and with a courtesan as the main character. Soon, however, the opera became part of the repertoire of many European theatres. 

What makes the intention of the authors close to Yuri Alexandrov’s performance is the appeal to the modern times. The Petersburg Chamber Opera tells the story of today’s “fallen” woman, who has no other way to survive in this world than to sell herself. Explaining his approach, the director says: “I expose the situation to the limit, rather than trying to hide it behind the sparkling crystal and gold. Because you can sell yourself at posh parties as well as in the streets. Her dream is the only thing that helps Violetta to survive and not to hit the rock bottom. She dreams of a charming prince who would come to take her away from all this dirt. We tried to recreate the beauty of her imaginary world. But Violetta’s dream is unable to confront reality: the seemingly prosperous world that is so beckoning and unattainable for her, is caught up in prostitution of human relationships. Trying to touch this world becomes a nightmare phantasmagoria to her.”

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