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1 November: Faust

Charles Gounod argued that an opera playwright should be a master of musical portrait. In the opera “Faust” based on the first part of Goethe's poem, he showed that he mastered this art to perfection. Gounod’s portraits of the protagonists are psychologically deep, vividly colored that they can awaken the most daring, even shocking images in the consciousness of a person of the twenty-first century... Artistic director of the St. Petesburg Opera and director of the play Yuri Alexandrov offers the audience a bold reading of the story of Faust, who sold his soul to the devil for youth.
In a modern expressive performance, Yuri Alexandrov raises eternal philosophical problems, reflects on the nature of love and the confrontation between hell and heaven. This production, which was awarded the Highest Theater Prize of St. Petersburg “Golden Soffit” in the nomination “Best Musical Performance”, became one of the most poignant works of the director.
 “What is the Devil? No, this is not a fantastic character with red horns, but the evil that we accumulate in ourselves... The most terrible thing in the modern world is indifference. Dostoevsky wrote that the tears of children are worse than any world catastrophe. However, nowadays’ world full of them: bombings, hunger, diseases and natural disasters. They kill thousands of children every day. Do people of the twenty-first century care about this? No, as long as it does not regard us…
Over the past decades, we have witnessed many attempts of brainwashing. Many world regimes tried to subjugate mind and soul. This is still happening to some extent. Various information is introduced into the consciousness of people. An invasion into the human mind, an attempt to create a new Frankenstein - this is what I saw in the history of Faust”, Yuri Alexandrov reflects.

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