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24 October: Il mondo della luna


Bashkir State Opera and ballet theatre 

Austrian composer Joseph Haydn is often called the “Father of the Symphony” and the creator of sonatas, string quartets. His name is least associated with opera grenre. However, the composer wrote twenty operas, most of which have not yet received their scenic embodiment. His opera buffa written on the libretto by Carlo Goldoni 'Il nodo della luna' has become one of the most popular works staged in opera houses. 
The plot of the opera “Il nodo della luna” is associated with one of the most famous hoaxes of the New Time - the discovery of the Moon. The composer finely combines fiction and reality, humor and sublime feelings of characters. This diversity caused interest of Elizaveta Korneeva in the process of choosing the musical compositions for this production.
“I ask the artists not to talk about love,” the young director admits. - Our performance is about wedding, marriage, family relations. Marriages are different and not always love is the basis of them. This may be a formal legal act, or a person may enter into family relationships because of the fear of being alone. I wanted to depict in the play the marriage which is not about love... ”.

Music: Joseph Haydn 
Libretto: Carlo Goldoni 
Musical Director and Conductor: Artem Makarov  
Director: Elizaveta Korneeva 
Production Designer: Ekaterina Ageniy 
Choirmaster: Alexander Alekseev 
Lighting Designer: Serdar Charyev 

Ecclitico – Vladimir Orfeev 
Buonafede – Vladimir Kopytov 
Clarice – Elvira Alkina 
Flaminia – Dilyara Idrisova 
Lisetta – Regina Zvegintseva 
Ernesto – Yan Leyshe 
Cecco – Ilgiz Khakimov 

Act 1  
The greedy merchant Buonafede is delaying the marriage of his daughters in the hope of marrying off his daughters the rich bridegrooms. He does not endorse the desire of Flaminia and Clarice to marry their beloved Ernesto and Ecclitico. However, the latter learns about his passion for astronomy and housekeeper Lisette, which he uses for his own purposes. Ecclitico suggests to look at the latest invention of Buonafede, with which you can certainly see the Moon. The Character looks and sees two young kissing. Ecclitico announces that they are the inhabitants of the Moon, and Buonafede ignites a desire to visit this planet. Then, having persuaded Ernesto, his servant Cecco, daughters and Lisetta, the doctor offers the old man an elixir, which in a few minutes should transfer them to the Moon. Buonafede willingly agrees and Ecclitico gives to drink the elixir with soporific powder. 

Act 2 
The merchant awakens and believes that he is on the Moon. He is confused and does not know how to live on an alien planet. Ecclitico advises the Character to win the favor of the Moon emperor, fulfilling on the Moon the wishes of his daughters and Lisetta to marry the one they love. Buonefede agrees and asks the emperor to smuggle his daughters with Lisetta to the Moon, promising that he will not go against his will. Nevertheless, old man’s jealousy and stubbornness take over also on the Moon. At the last minute, he refuses to let his daughters to marry their beloved ones. The trick with interplanetary travel fails. The lovers have nothing left but to reveal the whole truth to Buonafede. The old man is ashamed, he got deceived. In order to keep the story of his “journey to the Moon” as a secret, he allows his daughters and Lisetta to marry those whom they wish for and the couples happily unite.


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