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8 November: October ..17

An interest to the international history forged in the hearth of history’s much as the interest to forgotten music cataclysm of the Soviet period predetermined “October ..17” production to be selected, the staging by Yuri Alexandrov within the 100th anniversary of of the revolutionary events in Russia in 1917. 

“I am very open-minded on this issue,” says Yuri Alexandrov. “For me it’s clear that the ones who tried to protect interests of the people had their truth and there was also the truth in the White movement. This is a philosophical thought… The performance as a thought on difficult time for Russia. I am trying to figure out why innocent people died in that swirl of activities. Our performance is focused on a girl Marina who couldn’t find help neither from the Anarchists nor the Communists nor the White Guardists. I do not take any of these sides rather the side of the victims. We seriously strengthen the plot by the poetry enriching the production by followed poetry of Zinaida Gippius, Blok, Mayakovsky. From that combination of word and music the production is to be born”. 

From a musical point of view, the “October” opera is distinguished by exceptional melodism and the width of Russian folklore melodies. The melodies’ emotion, high and sincere patheticalness of the music are the special characteristics of Vano Muradeli's art, an author of such popular songs of the Soviet period such as “The Legendary Sevastopol”, “Buchenwald Thunderbolt”, “The March of Astronauts”, “Russia, my Motherland”. it is no coincidence that the “October” has been kept for more than a decade in repertoire of the main opera theatres of Russia – Bolshoi and Mariinsky (The Kirov Theatre). 

It appears that it is time to review our history of the beginning of the XX century and pay the tribute to our outstanding music heritage of the Soviet past which laid the foundation of our today’s culture.


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