Театр Санкт-Петербург Опера

31 October: La traviata

The legendary production of the St. Petersburg Opera, in which the artistic director of the theatre Yuri Alexandrov brings the time of Verdi's masterpiece to the modern world, reflecting on the fate of the “fallen” girl.
The famous story of Violetta Valery is captivating not because of the costumes of the twenty-first century or the graceful quotes of cinema found in the play, but because of the unexpected meanings skillfully derived by the director from Verdi's score. Alexandrov is able to masterly turn canonical subjects into live performances with further provoking discussion.
“I bare the situation to the limit, without hiding it behind the glitter of crystal and gilding. Only a dream gives Violetta the opportunity to live, not sink to the very bottom. She dreams of a handsome prince who will come and take her out of this horror. We tried to recreate the beauty of the world she imagines. But Violetta's dream is incompatible with reality: an outwardly prosperous world, alluring and inaccessible for the character, is mired in the prostitution of human relations. An attempt to touch this world turns into a nightmare-phantasmagoria for her ...”, - says Yuri Alexandrov.
The performance was awarded the Golden Soffit, the Highest Theatre Prize of St. Petersburg.



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